About Siri Shakti Yoga

Siri Shakti Kaur in Kundalini yoga meditation poseSiri Shakti Yoga brings the Kundalini Yoga teachings of Yogi Bhajan to Lismore in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Lead teacher Siri Shakti Kaur is a Kundalini Research Institute Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher .

Siri Shakti came to the Northern Rivers in 2013 and began sharing this life changing practice with the local community. From March 2013 to March 2014 Siri Shakti Yoga – Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes were held in Lismore. Classes for the general practice of Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Meditation and Women’s Yoga were held in venues around Lismore town centre. After a short break these classes have resumed at The Inner Light Centre, 131 Keen St Lismore. See the Classes, Workshops and Events page for up to date information about classes.

Siri Shakti’s own journey with Kundalini Yoga has been both powerful and life changing and it is the experiences that mark this incredible, heart opening journey of self discovery that she brings to her teaching. This is her story.

“I literally walked into a Kundalini yoga class by mistake. I was looking for a hatha class as my regular teacher was no longer available. I had an old timetable from a local yoga studio and decided to try the evening hatha class. The hatha class I was expecting turned out to be a Kundalini class! I decided to stay. I can’t say that I had an awesome coming into awareness and the power of Kundalini Yoga at that first class, but I decided to continue going anyway. It was about 6 months later that I became aware of the power of Kundalini Yoga, not through some sudden Kundalini rising, but by noticing the changes that were happening around me, in my relationships and the way I felt in the world. Everything seemed to be getting easier and I was feeling a lot happier in myself. All I had been doing differently was attend one class of Kundalini Yoga a week. That is the power of Kundalini.”

In 2011 Siri Shakti’s journey took a giant step forward when she decided to undertake Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Brunswick Heads.

“I had been practicing Kundalini Yoga for about 18 months when the desire to make it a bigger part of my life (as in daily at home practice, not just one or two classes a week) led me to Kundalini Yoga teacher training. It was the start of a total change of life for me, which included leaving my job of 10 years in Brisbane and moving to the Northern Rivers. The practice of Kundalini Yoga opened me up to the possibilities of ME and allowed me to see that there is so much more than just this physical bag of bones I carry around. I have come to see the world, and my place in it, from a very different perspective. I feel totally blessed with the knowledge of this practice and the ability to share it with others.”

Siri Shakti continues to develop her skill and understanding as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and completed the first of five level 2 teacher training modules in March 2013. In September 2013 she attended the first Australian Kundalini Yoga Women’s Camp in South Australia and undertook ‘Spirited Kids’ children’s yoga teacher training in January 2014.

“Sometimes, for no logical reason, you are driven to do something. That is how I felt about teaching yoga to kids. One of the things I have come to understand through this practice is that there is a lot of ‘stuff’, those things that shape how I think about myself, that I have gathered over the years. Imagine if I had the opportunity to practice yoga and meditation as a child, to have been given the tools to real Self discovery way back then when my understanding of my place in the world was being developed? It is this that drives me to want to share yoga and meditation with kids, to share the tools that help happy healthy kids grow into happy healthy adults.”

Siri Shakti continues to further her training in Kundalini Yoga and related fields. In November 2014 she completed an Introduction to Ayurveda weekend intensive with the Mudita Institute in Mullumbimby NSW and completed her second level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher training in June 2015.

“I believe that learning is a lifelong practice. I am dedicated to good health and happiness and continually expanding my understanding and experience of the world so I may share this with others.”

In 2016 Siri Shakti expanded her field of teaching to include teaching Kundlaini Yoga to people with health conditions. she is currently offering individual classes to people with health conditions and their carers by appointment. She is consulting with others in the health community around holding an 8 week Kundalini Yoga courses for people with  health conditions. Check the Classes, Workshops and Events page for updates.

Siri Shakti holds regular Kundalini Yoga classes and courses in Lismore and is available for private yoga sessions for individuals and groups. Please contact Siri Shakti Yoga if you would like a personal session to help you develop your own practice or to book a group class for your workplace or social group.

Summary of Siri Shakti’s professional training

Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training
Undertaken in 2011 with GuruDass Singh and completed 2012

Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training

  • Authetic Relationships Module with GuruDass Singh, completed June 2013
  • Lifecycles & Lifestyles Module with GuruDass Singh, completed June 2015

Kundalini Yoga Therapy training with Dr Shanti Shanti of Guru Ram Dass Center for Medicine and Humanology

  • Foundations of Kundalini Yoga Therapy, completed April 2016
  • Origins and Identity of Kundalini Yoga as Therapy, completed April 2016
  • Supporting People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Kundalini Yoga, completed April 2017

Spirited Kids – Children’s Yoga
Completed in January 2014 with Spirit Rising Yoga: Briellen McAlpine

Introduction to Ayurveda – Weekend Intensive
Completed in November 2014 with Mudita Institute: Kester Marshall