Classes, Workshops and Events

Kundalini Yoga in the Northern Rivers

Siri Shakti Yoga classes and workshops are held in the town centre of the NSW Northern Rivers town of Lismore at the

Inner Light Centre, upstairs studio at 131 Keen St, Lismore


Silvercloud Studios, 14 Foleys Road, South Lismore

Not in the Lismore area and wanting information about teachers and classes on the NSW North Coast? Check out this local teachers guide.

The studio has a few mats and props available however feel free to bring your own. Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in and don’t forget to bring your water bottle. In chilly winter weather, make sure you have warm comfy clothing and a blanket to rug up for savasana (deep relaxation)

Siri Shakti Yoga hosts monthly Kundalini Trance Drumming workshops on the 3rd weekend of the month in Lismore. From time to time she takes the workshop on the road. Information about upcoming workshops can be found on the Kundalini Trance Drumming page.


Regular classes held in Lismore


General Kundalini Yoga – Inner Light Centre
Thursday Night – 6pm to 7.30pm with Siri Shakti

An ongoing general Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class for all levels.

Energy exchange is $20 or $17 for concession/low wage

Rise and Shine Yoga is taking a winter break and will return in October 2017 – Inner Light Centre
Wednesday Morning – 6:45 to 7:45 with Siri Shakti
A dynamic Kundalini Yoga class to kick start your day and give you a mid week reboot

Herbal tea is shared after class. The practice of kriya and meditation in Kundalini Yoga can leave students feeling a little ‘high’. The sharing of tea helps to ground you before heading out of the studio.

If you feel that Kundalini Yoga is for you but regular classes just aren’t making it into your budget please contact Siri Shakti to talk about alternative exchange options.


Kundalini Yoga for beginners

Kundalini Yoga for Beginners courses are held regularly throughout the year. This course introduces the practice of Kundalini Yoga, providing students an informative introduction to the elements of kriya and meditation. Breath, mantra, mudra and technique are covered in detail with handouts provided every week.

Dates for the next course are yet to be announced.


Yoga consultation and tailored practice for individual health needs

Are you seeking a yoga practice that meets your specific needs?

Kundlaini yoga is a powerful therapeutic tool when taught correctly. Having completed training in teaching Kundalini Yoga to people with health conditions, Siri Shakti has the skills and sensitivity to apply this practice to a wide range of health conditions.

Research has shown that Kundalini Yoga can have positive benefits in a wide range of health conditions and can be the perfect partner to both traditional and alternative medical approaches. Starting where you are at, Kundalini Yoga practices assist in regaining vitality as well as giving the gift of total relaxation to support recovery.

Individual Kundalini Yoga and Meditation sessions are tailored through consultation and development of a program that meets the needs of each individual, supporting you through to your full potential. Sessions are available through face to face and online options. Please contact Siri Shakti if you would like to discuss your individual health needs or to book a session.


Siri Shakti Yoga for Groups

Make a group booking for Siri Shakti to bring Kundalini Yoga to your private group session.

Group sessions are tailored and can include drumming, dancing and team building activities. Ideal for a work activity or a group of friends who want to get together and share a group yoga practice? If you have the space Siri Shakti has the practice to bring your work or social group together for fun, sharing and personal development.

Siri Shakti is available for private classes, individual and group, by appointment. Please contact Siri Shakti for information about private classes and pricing.

Therapeutic Kundalini Yoga courses are also available. Please contact Siri Shakti to discuss the health needs of your participants if you wish to host a therapeutic group.