Second Chakra

Svadhishana, the second Chakra

The second chakra is the home of your creative self. The sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is located region of the sexual organs in the pelvis. For this reason it is often called the ‘sex’ chakra and associated with sexuality. It is, however, so much more than that.

While the first chakra is singular, involving only the self, the second chakra energy needs the energy of others to flourish. This is where you find your passion, your opinion, your expression. In this centre you are open for merger, to become more than one through the dissolution of your sense of identity with another human. One way to do this is to come to a yoga class and merge with the group energy.

When you are vibrating positively from this centre your life is filled with colour and joy. Creativity flows in all that you do, not limited to what is known as creative arts, but in your very being. When this centre is blocked life can become listless, boring and lack luster. Over stimulation can lead to seeing all through sexuality. When balanced you are able to live in your passion in all aspects of life.

“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong”Joseph Chilton Pearce

Allowing the creative flow means not needing to be right. When you are no longer concerned about being wrong you are able to see the possibilities that come from making mistakes. Great scientific discoveries were not made by holding on to an expected result. Life’s plans will often take unexpected turns, when your creative self is flowing these turns become new ideas and opportunities.

Flow is the energy behind creativity and it is seen very much in the realm of money. Are you a spender or a hoarder? Money is also known as currency and like the river current it needs to flow. In the money oriented society we live in there is an overtone of always needing to have more, however if you continue to let the money flow, rather than worrying about it, there will always be enough. The second chakra has the element of water so making sure you drink plenty of water is a good reminder to keep with the flow.

The shadow emotion for this chakra is guilt. While this can be any kind of guilt, it is very relevant in relation to sexuality, particularly where this has resulted in harm. In many ways this is fed by social values around sexuality and blaming of victims of sexual crimes. Kundalini Yoga can be helpful in releasing the emotions of past trauma and many students find serenity and peace through the practice.

My own experience of practicing Kundalini Yoga has been of a growing sense of inner peace and happiness. I am more able to let go and not over worrying what other people might think. Most of all it has been a connection to the flow which in itself brings a greater sense of trust in life.

Postures and exercises that open the flow through the second chakra include standing pelvic tilts and pelvic rotations or sufi grinds. Both free the movement of the hips and allow the energy to move up the spine. Frog squats are particularly good for releasing sexual tension as they channel the sexual energy from the lower triangle into the higher chakras.

Probably the most powerful practice you can do to activate this chakra is Sat Kriya. It is a practice that can be done on it’s own or as part of a set and strengthens the whole sexual system, directing the sexual energy of the second chakra into your creativity and healing.


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