The Eight Human Talents

The chakras on the body

The Chakras


“Talent will take you everywhere. there is nothing which talent cannot create. There is nowhere that talent cannot reach. It will give you every spot. It will give you every place. Talent is the vehicle of Infinity, which is yours in which you use your consciousness and intuition.”

Yogi Bhajan


The human talents are qualities that are attached to each of the eight chakras. Chakras are energy centres that exist in each of us. The first seven are located along the length of the spine, the eighth being the aura, our electromagnetic field. The chakra centres are often described as spinning vortexes, radiating out energy that is essential for our health, happiness and well being.

While many emotions can be associated with the chakras the talents that will be covered in this post, and over the coming weeks, are acceptance, creativity, commitment, compassion, truth, intuition, boundlessness and radiance. With each of these talents there are also shadow or negative emotions that can manifest when our chakras are unbalanced or blocked.

The first chakra is known as the root chakra and has the human talent of acceptance. Located in the base of the spine, this chakra is associated with elimination. Its colour is red, element Earth and it has a shadow emotion of resentment and rigidity.

The second chakra is the centre of creativity. Located in the area of the sexual organs it is often mistaken as being ruled by sex, but it is the energy of creation that truly resides here. The colour is orange, the element Water. Its human talent is creativity, the shadow guilt and passionate manipulation.

The third chakra is the Navel Centre. Here we find the human talent of commitment and the shadow emotions of anger and greed. Its colour is yellow and its element fire, the fire in the belly you could say.

These three chakras make up what is known as the lower triangle, which are often associated with more physically or earthly attributes. The fourth chakra, the Heart, is the bridge between the lower traingle and the upper triangle, which is made up of the upper 3 chakras of throat, third eye and crown. The human talent of the heart is compassion, the shadow fear and attachment. Its colour is green, its element air.

“It is from state of compassion that the healing activity of God within the being flows”

Yogi Bhajan


The fifth chakra, the Throat, takes us in to the upper triangle and into the realm of the mind. Here we find the human talent of Truth, and the shadow emotions of denial and abruptness. Its colour is blue, its element ether.

The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Point. Located at the top of the nose between the brows it is also known as the brow point. Here is the human talent of intuition, with our third eye we see within to our inner wisdom. The shadow emotions are confusion and depression. Its colour is indigo.

The seventh chakra is the Crown. Located at the top of the head, at the point where the bones meet (where the fontanel or soft spot is found on a baby) it has the human talent of boundlessness. also known as the Tenth Gate it is said that through this chakra that we experience Infinity. The shadow emotion for the crown is grief and its colour is violet.

The eight chakra is the Aura, the electromagnetic field that completely surrounds us. The Aura provides both our protective circle and our presence. The human talent of the Aura is Radiance. In our radiance, our light, there is no shadow, only the colour white.

I will be exploring the eight human talents over the coming weeks in both posts and Siri Shakti Yoga classes. I look forward to sharing this journey both in my writings and through the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Much love, light and blessings

Siri Shakti Kaur


Reference: The Eight Human Talents written by Gurmukh & Cathryn Michon, 2000

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