The Ten Bodies

Pink clouds in sunsetFor the most part, as human beings, we identify with the physical body and think of ourselves in physical terms – or perhaps, at best, as a physical body and mind. The truth is that the human being is made up of ten bodies: the physical body, three mental bodies and six energy bodies.

We are all souls having a human experience, and all of our souls are on a journey through the human psyche: the Ten Bodies. The journey starts with Soul, conception, which emerges from the Infinite and becomes conscious of, and surrounded by thought, the Negative, Positive and Neutral aspects of the mind. Expression is then found in the physical body to complete the necessary support needed by the soul to progress to the Arc Line and Aura. Spiritual growth is fueled through the Pranic body which connects to prana, the life force, necessary for the Soul to tune in to the Subtle flow which leads to the final stage of the journey, Radiance.

The individual properties of the Ten Bodies are:

Soul Body          “Heart over Head”          Humility, Creativity

Is my life a creative flow from my soul’s purpose? Do I come from the heart?

The first body, the Soul Body, is an energy body and connects you to your inner infinity. It is the experience of the flow of spirit within yourself. When strong you live by your heart instead of your head.

Key to Balancing: Raise the Kundalini, open the Heart


Negative (Protective) Mind          “Longing to Belong”          Containment, Obedience

Can I determine if there is danger in a situation? What do I need to consider?

The second body, the Negative Mind, is the first of the three mental bodies and helps to give form to the creativity of your Soul Body with the gifts of containment, form and discernment. It instils in you a longing to belong, which, in its highest expression, connects you deeply with your Higher Self, giving you the patience to be obedient to your own inner guidance.

Key to Balancing: Value your discipline, develop conscious relationships of integrity. If over developed strengthen the Positive Mind


Positive (Expansive) Mind               “Devil or Divine”                   Equality, Positivity

Am I open to all possibilities that life has to offer? Do I let these into my life?

The third body, the Positive Mind, sees the positive essence of all situations and beings. It is expansive and allows resources in. It gives you strong will and allows you to use your power easily and humbly. It makes you playful and optimistic and gives you a good sense of humour. It makes your communication strong.

Key to Balancing: Strengthen the Navel Point. Increase your self-esteem, use positive affirmations. If Positive mind is over developed, strengthen Negative Mind.


Neutral (Meditative) Mind          “Cup of Prayer”          Service, Compassion, Integration

Do I allow myself to do and act upon inner wisdom?

The fourth body, the Neutral or Meditative Mind, is the ultimate ‘win-win’ mentality. From here you view the whole play of life with compassion, evaluate the input of your Negative and Positive Minds (and the rest of the Bodies), and receive guidance. It is a very intuitive vantage point.

Key to balancing: Meditate


Physical Body          “Teacher/Balance”          Mercy, Security, Love

Do I use my strength and assets for the good of all?

The Fifth Body, the Physical Body, is the temple where the other nine bodies play out their parts. It gives you the capacity to sacrifice (make sacred) and the ability to balance all the parts of your life. If strong it represents the teacher, who is able to take abstractions and explain them to anyone, of any age, of any intelligence, of any way of life and able to bring the information into an earthly concrete form.

Key to Balancing: Exercise regularly, teach.


Arcline          “Person at Prayer”          Justice, Protection, Protection

Am I able to manifest my goals? Do I do so with integrity?

The Sixth Body, the Arcline, extends from earlobe to earlobe, across the hairline and brow, it is your halo, the nucleus of your Aura. Women have a second arcline that extends from nipple to nipple. The Arcline is your projection, your radiance. It gives you the ability to focus, to be concentrated, to meditate. It is associated with the pituitary gland, reglates the nervous system and glandular balance, thus protecting your Heart Centre.

Key to Balancing: Awaken the pituitary gland – the Third Eye.


Aura          “Platform of Elevation”          Mercy, Security, Love

Do I feel security in universal love? Am I unhesitating in uplifting others as well as myself?

The Seventh Body, the Aura, is the electromagnetic field which surrounds your entire body in the same way the Earth’s Magnetic field envelops the Earth. When strong it acts as a container for your life force, and allows that life force to build up to a level where you feel confident and secure. From this position of security you can treat others with mercy and your very presence uplifts all.

Key to Balancing: Meditate, wear white clothing made of natural fibres.


Pranic Body          “Finite to Infinite”          Purity, Energy, Fearlessness

Do I fearlessly embrace life? Do I have enough energy to fulfil my goals?

The Eighth Body, the Pranic Body, is your breath that continuously brings the life force and energy into your system.  This allows you to feel fearless, fully alive and at one with creation. When strong, your breathing is deep and relaxed, nothing can bother you. You are self motivated and you have enough energy to achieve your goals.

Key to Balancing: All pranayam (breath meditation)


Subtle Body          “Mastery of Mystery”          Calmness, Subtlety, Mastery

Am I subtle and sensitive and can I penetrate beyond superficiality? What is the real purpose of life?

The Ninth Body, the Subtle Body, helps you see beyond the immediate realities of life to the sublime universal play that lies beyond. When strong you have great finesse and a powerful calmness. Nothing in life is a mystery to you. You learn quickly and master situations easily. You intuitively know what is going on when you walk into a room.

Key to Balancing: Do any meditation or kriya for 1,000 days.


Radiant Body          “All or Nothing”          Royal Courage, Radiance, Nobility

Is my life an example of courage, royalty and creativity?

The Tenth Body, the Radiant Body, gives you spiritual royalty and radiance. Its strength makes you courageous in the face of any obstacle. You exert a magnetic presence and command the respect of all who know you. You approach life with an “all or nothing” attitude and always give 110 percent. Yogi Bhajan calls the Tenth Body “one plus” because it’s one (your Soul Body), plus your radiance.

Key to Balancing: Commitment


From: The Aquarian Teacher (level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher manual), Yogi Bhajan, 2003 – Chapter 16 & The Kundalini Yoga Experience: bringing body mind and spirit together, Guru Dharam S. Khalsa and darryl O’Keefe