Kundalini Trance Drumming

“We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have ears to hear… We vibrate to the rhythms of our mothers blood before she herself is born. And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother.”
― Layne Redmond

Dive deep, deep into your soul, and connect with the pulse of the Universe with Kundalini Trance Drumming.

Siri Shakti has been very busy getting the new Mandala Garden Wellness Centre up and running, preparing workshops for the Lismore Women’s Festival and an 8 week therapeutic group starting in March 2018. Unfortunately she has no more time or energy to organise a Trance Drumming workshop so there will be no February workshop. See you in the rhythm in March!

NEXT LISMORE WORKSHOP – Friday 16 March 2018 6-8:30pm at the Inner Light Centre, 131 Keen St, Lismore

A perfect blend of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with the rhythmic pulse of the drums takes you deep into the primal heartbeat. Born from a marriage of Siri Shakti’s two loves – Kundalini Yoga and drumming – Kundalini Trance Drumming creates a space where the finite is dissolved and you are free to experience the pure consciousness of your Divine Self .

The space is completed with a deep relaxation and sound meditation. Siri Shakti plays Tibetan singing bowls and Nepalese gong for a relaxing and rejuvenating savasana.

Siri Shakti Yoga holds regular Kundalini Trance Drumming workshops in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Lismore workshops are generally held on the third weekend of the month at the Inner Light Centre. From time to time workshops are held in parks (depending on fine weather) and other towns or villages in the region (not always on the 3rd weekend).

Please contact Siri Shakti if you would like to host a Kundalini Trance Drumming workshop in your local area.

NEXT LISMORE WORKSHOP – Friday 16 March 2018 6-8:30pm at the Inner Light Centre, 131 Keen St, Lismore.

Join Siri Shakti Yoga and connect with your True Self, your True Rhythm and the pulse of all that is.

Energy exchange $20 or $15 concession


What people are saying about Kundalini Trance Drumming

Wow ! Today’s Kundalini Trance workshop was inspiring!…… what a rebirth , peeling back those layers… I have arrived in a new place!…..We were guided very gently into the zone by Siri Shakti , experiencing an amazing Drumming and Meditation Journey . Gratitude for the teaching.xx  Celena